Using the Gateway API to send SMS messages from an external system

Incoming SMS

To be able to receive and process your incoming SMS or any other associated response, provide a Callback URL when setting up your API credentials. If you do not have a Shortcode and would like to use the nitext shortcode (40984), create your Keywords on your administration dashboard. You will then be able to receive all texts sent to that nitext shortcode starting with any of your keywords.

Outgoing Request Parameters

Post URL :

Parameter Description
username and password API username and password. You must have the appropriate authorization credentials to make SMS API calls.
oa Sender name. If you do not have a sender name, use nitext as the sender name
payload A JSON Array containing one or more JSON Objects with the unique message id i.e. unique_id, msisdn and the message to be sent. The unique message ID can be used to track the delivery reports from the POST data received on the callback url you provided. E.g [{ "msisdn":"254725467...", "message":"message body here", "unique_id":1232 }]

Expected API Response


Successful requests return error FALSE with appropriate success message e.g.

{"error":false,"message":"Your message has been sent successfully"}


Failed requests return error TRUE with appropriate success message e.g.

{"error":true,"message":"You have not being authenticated to use this API. Confirm your API username and password"}

Obtaining SMS API credentials

If you do not have SMS API access, (username and password). You need to register a callback url to receive any incoming SMS and any response associated with this API.

Get API Credentials